III International Scientific Conference

Ecosystems Without Borders:

Prospects and Challenges
Deadline for submission of scientific articles: 2024
Place: Kaliningrad, Sovetsky pr.1, KSTU

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About the conference
Kaliningrad, Russia

Ecosystems Without Borders:

Prospects and Challenges

The purpose of the conference is to review the key areas of modern energy research in the field of environmental protection, as well as research and development of digital technologies in the energy sector.
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Program Committee
  • 1
    Abdurashid Yafasov, Head of the innovation department, Kaliningrad State Technical University
    Doctor of technical sciences
  • 2
    Viktor Gnatyuk, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Energy Department, Kaliningrad State Technical University, Kaliningrad

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    Andrey Zadorozhny, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Director of the Directorate for Strategic Development, Rosseti Yantar, Kaliningrad
Organising Committee
  • 1
    Kostrikova Natalya,
    Vice-rector for scientific work, Kaliningrad State Technical University
    Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
  • 2
    Ruslan Polyakov,
    Head of Research Department, Kaliningrad State Technical University Candidate of Economic Sciences
  • 3
    Elena Moroz,
    Head of Projects and Programs Department, Kaliningrad State Technical University
  • 4
    Darya Kugucheva, Lecturer at the Department of Energy, , Kaliningrad State Technical University

Conference Topics

(Related to the challenges of sustainable development in the energy sector)

Improving the reliability of power supply and power quality

Application of artificial intelligence methods in the electric power industry

Internet of things in electric power systems

Renewable energy sources and distributed generation

Development of digital technologies

Resource-saving technologies

For authors

Templates and requirements for the design of articles


Presentation of materials

  • To participate in the conference, you need to send an article prepared in accordance with the requirements of the journal through the "Registration" section;

Article Requirements

The article must have:

  • relevance (the topic of the article should be of interest to the scientific community in terms of the current development of science and technology);
  • scientific character (the article should consider the scientific aspects of the problem being solved, even if the problem itself is of applied importance);
  • novelty (the results presented in the article must have scientific novelty, review articles are allowed by special decision of the organizing committee);
  • At least 80% links to foreign sources
  • Most scientific papers are prepared according to a format called IMRAD. The term represents the first letters of the words Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, And, Discussion. It indicates a pattern or format rather than a complete list of headings or components of research papers; the missing parts of a paper are: Title, Authors, Keywords, Abstract, Conclusions, and References. Additionally, some papers include Acknowledgments and Appendices. The Introduction explains the scope and objective of the study in the light of current knowledge on the subject; the Materials and Methods describes how the study was conducted; the Results section reports what was found in the study; and the Discussion section explains meaning and significance of the results and provides suggestions for future directions of research. The manuscript must be prepared according to the Journal’s instructions to authors.



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