III(IV) International Scientific Conference

Ecosystems Without Borders:

Opportunities and Challenges

Date: September 27, 2023 (Deadline for submission of scientific articles: December, 1)
Place: Kaliningrad, Sovetsky pr.1, KSTU

Conference program
About the conference
Kaliningrad, Russia
The conference "Ecosystems without Borders: Opportunities and Challenges" include theoretical and spatial aspects of ecosystems, features of the formation of a creative class in these conditions, as well as studies reflecting transformation of ecosystems, both in terms of innovations and in science, technology and business.

In this direction, it is planned to publish a book (collection of conference materials) entitled "Ecosystems Without Borders: Opportunities and Challenges".
The planned book will include articles reflecting the latest scientific trends aimed at implementing the ideas of sustainable development and the circular economy.
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Program Committee
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    Abdurashid Yafasov, Head of the innovation department, Kaliningrad State Technical University
    Doctor of technical sciences
  • 2
    Leonid Sergeev,
    Professor, Head of the Department of Economic Theory, Kaliningrad State Technical University
    Doctor of Economic Sciences

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    Vasily Bilchak,
    Professor, Kaliningrad State Technical University Doctor of Economic Sciences
  • 4
    Nadia Sabitova, Professor, Kazan Federal University, Doctor of Economic Sciences
Organising Committee
  • 1
    Kostrikova Natalya,
    Vice-rector for scientific work, Kaliningrad State Technical University
    Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
  • 2
    Ruslan Polyakov,
    Head of Research Department, Kaliningrad State Technical University Candidate of Economic Sciences
  • 3
    Elena Moroz,
    Head of Projects and Programs Department, Kaliningrad State Technical University
  • 4
    Darya Kugucheva, Lecturer at the Department of Energy, , Kaliningrad State Technical University

Conference Topics

Theoretical aspects of ecosystems

research on the theoretical and methodological nature of ecosystems, their evolution - opportunities and challenges



studies reflecting aspects of ecosystems development caused by pressure of new economic geography and specifics of regional economies development, including such forms as economic clusters and spatially localized systems

Innovation Ecosystems

research reflecting the specifics of ecosystem transformation, both in spatial development and in science, technology, innovation and business

For authors

Templates and requirements for the design of articles


Presentation of materials

  • To participate in the conference, you need to send an article prepared in accordance with the requirements of the journal through the "Registration" section;

Article Requirements

The article must have:

  • relevance (the topic of the article should be of interest to the scientific community in terms of the current development of science and technology);
  • scientific character (the article should consider the scientific aspects of the problem being solved, even if the problem itself is of applied importance);
  • novelty (the results presented in the article must have scientific novelty, review articles are allowed by special decision of the organizing committee);
  • At least 70% links to foreign sources



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